Community Facilitation

OWL can design, deliver and evaluate fit for purpose engagements between Pasifika communities and service providers for any specific topic or need

  • Community Forum

  • Focus Groups

  • Survey/questionnaires

  • Workshops

  • Interviews

Capacity Building

OWL can design, deliver and evaluate fit for purpose community capacity building programs on behalf of service providers to meet any predetermined goals or objectives:

  • Youth Life Skills Camp

  • Community Health workshops

  • Youth Exchange Programs

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Job Experience

  • Intervention Program

  • Cross-Cultural Programs

Policy Research & Planning

OWL can design, deliver and evaluate fit for purpose evidence-based research to support organisational decision-making process:

  • Community Project Management & Design

  • Community Profile

  • Service Mapping

  • Public Policy Planning

  • Action Plans

Pacific Workers Schemes

OWL provides specialised support services for individuals, employers, organisations and inter-government agencies taking part in the regional Pacific Workers Schemes:

  • Seasonal Workers Regional Recruitment

  • In-Country Orientation Programs

  • Cultural Awareness Programs for Australian Employers

  • Scheme Logistic and Administrative Support

Alliances & Networks

OWL actively seeks out opportunities to partner with community groups, networks, not for profit and for profit organisations, foundations, local government, State and Federal agencies better the most challenged communities in Australia:

Oceania Mana Centre

Oceania Mana Centre is the not-for-profit arm of the Oceania Work Link dedicated to building awareness and celebrating the diversity of the Pasifika cultures who now call Australia home: