Oceania Work Link

an australian/oceania community solution experts


At Oceania Work Link, we're dedicated to breaking down barriers that hinder Oceania Communities from thriving within Australia. We connect communities, service providers, businesses, non-profits, local government, state services, and federal agencies to boost engagement and improve service delivery. 


Community Facilitation

We facilitate engagement between service providers and Oceania community groups, individuals, and organizations through tailored processes, programs, and activities.

Community Capacity

We design, deliver and evaluate fit for purpose community capacity building programs on behalf of service providers to meet any predetermined goals or objectives 

Pacific Workers Schemes

We can provide tailored and technical assistance to service providers, employers, and employees in the Pacific Seasonal Workers scheme in Australia 

Research & Planning

We conduct community-based research to support to guide the decision-making process for key actors in the private, public and civil sectors

Alliances & Networks

We seek to foster alliances with various  community groups, networks, educational institutions, not-for-profit and for-profit organisations, foundations, local government, State services, and Federal agencies for the betterment of the Oceania community.

Oceania Mana Centre

Oceania Mana Centre is the not-for-profit arm of the Oceania Work Link dedicated to building awareness and celebrating the Oceania Culture who call Australia home.